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    What SDK version should I install?

    I am using MS Visual C++ .net 2003 Standard Edition and I haven't been able to find correct series 60 sdk yet. I've tried twice, but they weren't "enabled". I have installed nds_symbian_vs_11.exe already. Please help!

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    Is my question too vague?

    I accidentally installed the codewarrior -sdk and replaced it with 2nd Ed Visual Studio / .Net. Didn't work either. Then I tried 2nd Ed, FP2, didn't work. How hard can this be? Should I install all the things one by one so that I can find the correct one? How should I interpreter this list about MSVC++.NET:

    IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003

    A pre-requirement to use the SDK with the IDE is Nokia Developer's Suite for Symbian OS

    * SDK for 2nd Edition, FP 3 (FP = feature pack)
    * SDK for 2nd Edition, FP 2
    * SDK for 2nd Edition, FP 2 - Japanese
    * SDK for 2nd Edition, FP 2 - Chinese
    * SDK for 2nd Edition, FP 2 - Thai
    * SDK for 2nd Edition, FP 1
    * SDK for 2nd Edition, FP 1 - Chinese
    * SDK for 2nd Edition
    * SDK for 1st Edition, FP1
    * SDK for 1st Edition

    I installed the package under the link "Nokia Developer's Suite for Symbian OS" before the SDK.

    Should one of these be enough or should I have FP1 and FP2 before they work? Is there a tutorial on how and what to install on MSVC++.NET2003STD?

    When I try to create a new project within MSVC++.NET, there is an option for symbian project, but right after that it complains about SDK's not been enabled? Then there is this checkbox, which can't be activated. How can I get this thing to work?


    It would seem that I can however, create a new project from the Application Wizard, but not withing .NET. Is this the way it should be? I ran the program and gave it the path to epoc.exe (C:\Symbian\8.0a\S60_2nd_FP2\epoc32\release\wins\udeb) and it showed my application in the menu of the emulated phone. Does this mean the SDK and all are working fine?
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    Any one of the supported SDKs can be used "stand alone", ie there is no need to have earlier Feature Packs installed in order to use later ones. If an SDKs shows up greyed-out in the Enable/disable SDK wizard, that means that it is an SDK that is not supported by NDS, most likely an older CodeWarrior SDK. You can install SDKs at any time after NDS has been installed, but the SDK can be used in NDS only after it has been enabled in the Enable/disable SDK wizard.

    NDS 1.1 includes a getting started document, pls look in the directory C:\Nokia\Tools\NDS_for_SymbianOS_VS\docs (if you took the NDS default installation directory at installation time). The getting started document takes you step-by-step through creating your first project, including enabling SDKs.

    Some SDKs include a stand-alone wizard that creates Visual Studio projects, NDS does not support projects created in this way.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you for your answer! I was able to build projects through command-prompt, so everything is workin O.K. now. I'll check the documents you mentioned!

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