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    Question How to play AMR file in Nokia3200 using Nokia UI API

    I am Making Application to run Audio files of AMR/WAV Format using Nokia UI API...

    bUT right now we r unable to play any audio files of AMR/MIDI/WAV Format using Nokia UI API, and other available API with Nokia 3200.

    The Supported Content type for Nokia 3200 is :==> FORMAT_TONE

    Important thing, is that Nokia 3200 has a feature to record voices in AMR Format, and also to play AMR Audio Files.

    So, then why my application is not playing AMR Files in Nokia 3200, But a same code is playing AMr Files in Nokia 6600( using Nokia UI API Sound Class)..

    How can i play a AMR File using Nokia UI API, and ohter available api for nokia 3200 ?

    Waiting for quick response and some programatic tips in this regard...

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    I have run into this problem many times. The thing is that just because the phone can play/record AMR/WAV/MP3 and so on, doesn't mean it can do it in Java. Even if the phone is stated to support MMAPI it doesn't have to support all the formats. For example the Nokia 6230 (a fairly advanced phone) can only play tones and MIDI files in MIDP apps!

    Remember, the implementation of MIDP (and MMAPI) varies from one Nokia phone to another and has nothing to do with its listed playback/record support.

    Here is some quick code to test MMAPI formats supported on a Nokia phone, place it in a keypress event:

    String[] strArray=Manager.getSupportedContentTypes(null);
    StringBuffer temp= new StringBuffer();
    for(int i=0;i<strArray.length;i++)
    temp.append(strArray[i]+", ");
    Alert alert=new Alert("","Supported types:\n"+ temp,null,AlertType.ERROR);

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