I am using the the POP3_IMAP4_Email_Example given on forum nokia.
We r displaying a Pop up which does tell about the no. of unread mails at regular intervals to the user till no unread mail is left or if there is no mail.Along with the popup we are playing an alarm also.So,It displays correctly the Pop-Up and plays the alarm also for Unread Mails at regular intervals if there r any unread mails in the local folder(device).
But now we want the alarm to be played only when a new mail arrives in the device mailbox that is only when the unread count increases.Mean to say suppose if the unread count for mails is 3 at any instant,it will play the alarm only when this count increases after arrival of new mail not everytime while showing the popup for unread count.

Once u had told me about a flag(with hex value0x00000200) to get the correct count for unread mails for next popup even after deleting the mails from the device mailbox(local folder).That was working fine.

Is there a flag(hex value) like as for deleted mails uisng which we would get the no. of new mails only(mails arrived after the previous popup) in our case.

plz help me once again