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    Question playing video while bluetooth-device-discovery


    our mobile-java project is in big trouble!
    (we're using nokia 6630 - CLDC 1.1, MIDP 2.0 -
    mobile phones for development).

    the problem:

    from time to time a video is supposed to be shown
    to the user using the mobile media api (mmapi jsr-135)
    in the main thread.
    there's a thread (bt-thread, not the main thread!) that
    scans for bluetooth devices in an endless-loop in
    the run()-method. the whole bluetooth-handling is
    done in this thread.

    our run()-method:

    void run()

    //pause inquiry
    catch(Exception e)

    discoveryAgent.startInquiry(DiscoveryAgent.GIAC, this);

    that works fine.

    if the bt-thread isn't stopped, it is not possible
    to play the video.

    first try:

    pause the bt-thread (a call to wait() -> iSouldPause=true <- in
    the endless loop - not breaking out of run()-method()!).
    -> no video is shown

    second try:

    stop the bt-thread (break out of the endless loop and
    quit the run()-method).
    -> video is shown, but the bt-thread cannot be started again
    (common thread-behaviour).
    -> cancel all inquiries and service searches and
    destroy the old bt-thread(btThread = null
    -> create a new bt-thread and start it (newBtThread.start()
    -> problem: BluetoothStateException - discovery agent still busy,
    a new device inquiry cannot be executed

    is there anybody who has gathered experience with the
    combination of bluetooth-device-disvovery and the
    use of video using mmapi?

    thank you for devoting yourself to our problem.

    steven reinisch
    bauhaus-university, weimar, germany

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    i think this is...

    if you posted this allready in j2me.org forums
    so i've allready posted u a reply there which i think should work ...
    try it out and get back to us...

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