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    Anonymous SMS !!!

    Hi all,

    Is it possible to send SMS programically in such a way that after receiving the SMS the receiver can't identify the sender's mobile number. It should hde the senders details from the reciever...

    If its possible then please give me some sample code or urls for the same...

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    No, it is not possible directly from the phone as-is.

    With some network operators it is possible as server-side solution (where your server talks to to the operator's SMS-C, SMS message center, which does the actual sending). Then you can write a phone app that connects to your server (to send the message).

    Operators that allow that charge for direct SMS-C access, they may also require you to license software from them to do so, and also possibly ask for a fixed, monthly (minimum) fee + an additional fee per each sent message. In other words, it is no worth doing unless you're rich or unless you're setting up a commercial service.

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