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    web services on symbian...problem won't be resolved!!!

    more that four monthes, searching for parsers and documentations to make a simple web service.
    in the symbian OS 7.0 to 8.1 talking about the SMIL and GMXML pasers. but when searching on

    the corresponseing headers in the sdk folder at my local machine but no files found.

    i read an article in the nokia.com about the web services on the 6600 device proviced by the

    Radio@AOL with a sample code implementing the web service.

    they used a header com.nokia.web_service.BaseClient,
    and i did not find it.
    if a developer need to do this, he develope his own one and still use it for his personal use.
    i tryed the syExpat xml parser, but it still parses the xml file, but it just parsed the xml file but no

    connection or validation methodes supported by the syExpat Code.
    In Addition, no FULL-Web Service-Example that implements that.

    i am very confused.

    i read that the Borland BuilderX 1.5 mobile edition supports the symbian web services. but i

    followed the instructions of creating it ,the instructions said:" Go the File>New>New Symbian Web

    but i did not find it at my Borland IDE!!!

    So, if NOKIA and Symbian company talk about the implementing web services in the Series, why

    they did not provide a clear sample of code that implementing that.

    i wrote all this to resolve this problem that all the symbian and nokia forums full of questions

    asking about the xml parsers and web services without a full answer from nokia developers of

    symbian at all to show us what is the exact APIs they are talking about.

    i hope this help people who search for along time to make their own parsers which are different in

    performance and reliability, or to throw the project down.

    ashraf abdoh.
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    is there any one could answer me and resolve this problem?

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    Re: web services on symbian...problem won't be resolved!!!

    Hi Ashraf,

    I believe the answers to your questions are on the FN web pages already:

    Nokia's web services framework is available on the 9500 and 9300 Communicator (S80) phones - see http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,6566,034-942,00.html for information about that part of the SDK. This SDK includes examples about how to use web services and XML parsing. There is support for creating and sending SOAP messages, in addition to support for easy access to Liberty Alliance ID-WSF web services (see http://www.projectliberty.org for more).

    As for Series 60, web services and XML parsing support is not yet available, but should be on the N91 phone as part of Series 60 3rd edition (this is mentioned on http://www.nokia.com/webservices page at the bottom).



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