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Thread: GPL code

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    GPL code


    I am not exactly sure if this is the best place
    to post this, but i still hope can get some help.

    Recently Nokia announced release of lot of GPL sources used in their products,
    their new internet tablet device, the new
    Apple Browser project etc.

    Is there anyone that have an idea where is
    the best place to request other GPL sources
    used in Nokia products that are not released
    yet ? E-mail address, or probably they have
    download page that i am unaware of ?

    Any info will be apprectiated, thank you.

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    There is no such single place to go to.

    Nokia is a big company (something over 60000 people) with quite independent development organizations and some do use/develop open source software, most don't.

    Rarely, if ever (which is more likely), is anything released to anybody who just happens to want it, until things are ready for publishing. In any case, each organization do what they think is best within corporate guidelines.

    The aforementioned browser's OSS parts will be shared when they're ready, not before, I suspect.

    In general, if there is GPL code to share, then it is shared already through whatever projects exist and are public.

    For example:

    For Python related to Series 60, go to http://forum.nokia.com/python

    For the open source Nokia Internet Tablet 770 (not a phone, though) OSS stuff is on http://www.maemo.org/

    An initial version of Perl for Series 60 has also been released through core Perl channels (I have no link/pointer to it at hand).

    There are also various Nokia research projects that may result in OSS code (or contributions to OSS projects): http://www.nokia.com/nokia/0,8764,5130,00.html

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    Thanks for your reply. I am specifically
    interested in FPS10 service box.

    It seems runing Linux kernel 2.4 and probably some more OSS stuff.

    It will be good to see the USB drivers sources, the main application and the
    Spartan scripts sources.

    Maybe all this has to be requested by e-mail?


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