Dear Nokia fans,

I live in India and recently purchased a new Nokia 6230i from an authorized dealer. To my surprise my new handset was found defective. I could not hear anything from handsfree (Headphone). The sound quality of in-built speaker was also very poor. When I contacted dealer he told me that this problem exists in all Nokia 6230i handset which belong to what he called "Second lot of 6230i". I could not understand how a premium company like Nokia can afford to sell a whole lot of defective handset in the market. This problem is also faced by many other people. The following link gives confirmation.

What Nokia should do is immediately recall all defective handsets from market. Ask its dealers not to sell these defective handset. Publish a public information notice in local media asking people not to purchase such handset.

The problem exists since last two months but Nokia has taken no action. They are satisfied with giving customer care centre support to repair such handsets. But this is not the solution. This means that every customer has to purchase the defective handset and then go to Nokia care centre to get it repaired. This handset is still sold openly in market and most people are not aware of problem. This will only give Nokia a bad name.