We r in middle of project, and facing a problem of not be able to provide sound interjection through our application on nokia 3200. I want guidance/tips in resolving below satted
1) I WANT to know that if nokia Series 40 phones are providing this features like Sound Interjection, then How can we acheive sound interjection in our application(that is in developing phase), through J2ME Programming(or by using other language or API or Native Interfaces in Nokia series 40 Mobiles).
2) I also want to know that are their any 3rd Party API provided by the Nokia for AMR and/or Sound Interjection.
3) Are their any Nokia series 40 Mobil, on which no body get the problem in acheiving sound interjection through application developed by using J2ME , Mobile Media API, or Nokia UI API.

Please guide me in resolving these issues....

With regards
Amit Kumar.