Hello everybody ,

Please note that today a new pre-alpha version has been released !!!!

Many changes but attention only download 1stEd for installing on phone the 2ndEd has an error in the file !

There are other apps : Tetris , ball , keyviewer , image viewer :-)

There are new modules :
1) an advanced camera module (flash , exposure mode etc :-) for supported models !
2) calendar db access
3) audio (play and record sound )
4) telephone (dial number and hang up)
5) image (load , save , resize )

There are also changes in the api (no use of app.screen = appuifw.MAIN_PANE now it becomes app.screen = 'full' ;-)

What a pity I don't find any doc :-(

It's very good to see and try it !

Have fun with python series 60 !