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Thread: Series 60 API's

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    Series 60 API's

    Is there any documentation on the user interface level API's for series 60. I am trying to develop applications in C++, and have been stomped by the fact that I couldn't find a single document that coherently lists the basic development issues like 1) What are the widgets available 2) Layout managers 3) Graphical and windowing primitives.
    Also, I would like to know how Series 60 differs from the standard Symbian distribution. There are plenty of documents that gloss over this at a very high level, but I haven't come across a single one which provides me more indepth architecture documentation.

    Any information is appreciated.


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    RE: Series 60 API's


    Your request and feedbacks are highly appreciated. We are collecting continuously more and more such information which helps us to develop and improve the Series 60 platform documentation for all levels of programming skills. Hopefully we can get the document which you are looking for soon.

    Have you awared of the document named "Series 60 UI Style Guide" provided in the SDK under the Series60Doc subdirectory?

    FN Developer Support

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