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Thread: nSeries Themes

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    As the N90 has a larger screen resolution (352 x 416 over 176 x 208) to standard symbian devices will original themes (created with Theme Studio v1.2) work on the n90?

    Also as there are more and more standard icons appearing on symbian devices (visual radio, gallery, transfer, activation keys, PoC, SIP etc etc) will the ability to manage and control these icons via a theme be possible?

    The N90 also has an external screen, I understand that there is an application which contols the theme and appearane of this external screen, my question is this... How is this effected by themes (skin files) which are installed as a *.sis?

    How does symbian 9 if at all effect themes?

    Can I assume that there will be a new theme studio released to us developers before these devices hit the market?

    Many thanks


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    My reply, FWIW (For What Its Worth), in the duplicate thread you started: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...threadid=62913

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