Hi :-)

I bought a 1gb mmc card in order to play movie files on my 9300. I used the converter program and installed the 3g file to my card. It played just fine - if you have bionic eyes!!!

I was extreamly dissapointed with the outcome of the conversion. Thus, I have tried toi convert a dvd file in to mpeg-4 to see if this works (shall find out within the next 24 hours) although, I dont have any confidence in the 9300 being able to play the file.

I am a mobile virgin and dont understand the full lingo, but I am rather complient with windows xp - I therefor believed that because the 9300 came with 'realplayer' already installed, it would play avi, mpeg 1+2 and divx files subjecty to codecs - this does not appear to be the case!!

Can anybody tell me whether there is a media player available for the nokia 9300 which allows the user to view any type of video file on the mobile??

Or, perhaps a program that would allow me to wipe the applications from the 9300 and convert it to a windows complient device that in turn would allow me to use it like a mini pc (mobile laptop)??