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    ChipFlip API Licensing

    The answer might be quite obvious but I would like to ask if we are allowed to use, modify, etc. the ChipFlip API for our use in our own applications. The note in the source code states that copying requires the prior written consent of Nokia.

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    Unhappy Re: ChipFlip API Licensing

    I'm interested too.
    This is the copyright statement for the ChipFlip example source:
    * ==============================================================================
    * Name : CSIPEngine.cpp
    * Part of : CommunicationChannel
    * Description : Implementation of CSIPEngine class
    * Version : 1.0
    * Copyright (c) 2004 Nokia Corporation.
    * This material, including documentation and any related
    * computer programs, is protected by copyright controlled by
    * Nokia Corporation. All rights are reserved. Copying,
    * including reproducing, storing, adapting or translating, any
    * or all of this material requires the prior written consent of
    * Nokia Corporation. This material also contains confidential
    * information which may not be disclosed to others without the
    * prior written consent of Nokia Corporation.
    * ==============================================================================
    Are these the "actual" "real" terms of use for this SIP example (the only one we have to start with).
    Aren't too strict for an example code that uses public APIs?
    Can't we use large code snippets from it or integrate it in our eventually commercial projects?



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