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    Unhappy Open source Java applications or games using SIP


    I am a student of Faculty of electrical engineering and computing (FER), Zagreb, Croatia, 4th year of study. I work on a project where I must find applications or games for 3G mobile phones based on SIP protocol, open source written in Java. While I was browsing the Internet looking for such applications or games I came upon this forum and taught that you might know about some projects in progress that I could take part in. The idea is to find such open source projects, as many as I can, and then my mentor and I will choose one of the applications and develop a new feature that we will consider interesting. A game that uses SIP for network play would be excellent!

    If you have any of the above, or you know for any web site where I could find it, I would be very happy if you told me.

    Thank you very much.


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    Re: Open source Java applications or games using SIP

    If you are looking for open source mobile games visit

    we have special portal for open source mobile games
    join us .. we are waiting for you ..

    it is a new portal we will add more content soon ..

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    Re: Open source Java applications or games using SIP

    Hi Pisko,


    Hope this is of some help to you.


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    Re: Open source Java applications or games using SIP

    Hi wang_shui,

    Just wanted to thank you for posting this link - http://www.sipcenter.com/sip.nsf/htm...s,+Source+Code


    Juarez Jr

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