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    Server-Client techonolgies


    I want to implemement a client-server model.
    The client will send images to the server for processing, and get back a new set of images. After that, the user can perform certain actions, which might cause the server to reprocess the files, and resend new images to the client.

    I was wondering what options do I have to choose from. I assume I can use sockets directly to communicate between the server and the client. Is there any higher level connection I can use? Perhaps HTTP pages, or ASP or CGI?

    Any comments and ideas will be more than welcome.

    Yaron Tadmor

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    HTTP at least available, check the SDK docs from 2.X SDKs for more information.


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    Yucca is right. HTTP POST can be a good choice. But unfortunately HTTP stack is not present before Symbian 7.0 so you will not be compatible with older devices like Siemens SX1, Nokia 3650, etc.

    As you will need to create a simple CGI script on server side anyway you might as well use directly sockets on Symbian side. It is fairly simple, just check "sockets" example in the SDK help. It doesn't need to many changes to do the job for you.

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