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    WAS a **VERY** stupid question

    ACTUALLY WAS VERY STUPID. It was enough to read an example...Sorry.


    It seems very simple. [1.1.3 preAlfa]

    I used "appuifw.Form". Ok, it's fine, but I have to use 'edit mode' if I want to see a "long" field in list. View only mode show me only a row... it seems to me strange. And I was not able to blank the save button (is only a aesthetic problem, but...)

    So I though I have to show the whole field in a "Text", and choice it by a listbox or a simpler selection_list. It seemed easy, but.. HOW CAN I SHOW THE CONTROL?
    With Form I use formobj.execute(): with the other ui's (as Listbox or Text) when they will appear on the screen?

    There's something I didn't catch, sure.

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