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    VC++ - Perl lib version conflict


    I have installed ActivePerl version 5.8.4. I also have Oracle 10g on my machine. It has a Perl subdirectory of its own although it is not in my PATH.

    When I run the commandline command abld build wins udeb I receive the error

    Perl lib version v5.6.1 does not match v5.8.4.

    If I remove Active Perl and run the command I receive message Perl is not known command.

    If I re-install Active Perl and then rename the Perl folder in the Oracle hierarchy to Perl_bak the command works.

    It seems like Oracle has put the Perl lib version in the registry and the abld looks in the registry for Perl lib version. Just a guess.

    Does anyone have insight as to how I might resolve this conflict (with Oracle and ActivePerl installed).


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    You can see path in commandline, maybe you'r ActivePerl is behind Perl in Oracle. And you'd better set environment seperately for each prog may being conflicted in commandline!

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    I have had no problems with 2 version of perl nor using the SDKs with perl 5.8.5.

    I think that the problem appears when you try to use something like cmd /c script.pl which will use the windoze registry. This will then use the perl from the registry and the perl dlls from the path.

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