I have been able to get on-device debugging with on 9500 with WSDD.

The first thing I am noticing is that it is extremely slow.

Single step (step over) takes about 4 seconds.
Expanding the "this" pointer from UIExample takes 60 seconds.
Single step (step over) with the "this" pointer expanded takes 75 seconds.

Are these times typical or does it indicate that there is something wrong with my setup?

[1.8Ghz laptop]

Some errata for the documents:

"Introduction" document
4.1 "step-by-step instructions"
The instructions do not work because they tell the user to import UIExample into the wrong kind of project. The PP packages are not in the project. There needs to be a step between 1 and 2 to create a new PP project to import the example into. Fortunately, section 5 of "User's Guide" has a better procedure to do the same thing.

"User's Guide"
Section 5.9.2 has a Note: "For IP addres, use the address you checked in Step 3 with one exception: for the last two parts choose a different set of numbers the Windows has assigned to the USB interface". Yikes!!! "last two parts'"? "use the address"? After re-reading that about 20 times I started making guesses. This is what worked: NEVER use the IP address that Windows assigned. Choose a different address to use for step 4f and in the next section for step 5c.

Section 5.9.3, step 2 says Copy the application and the .j9 launch files to the 9500. Should say "to the same folder".

Section 5.9.3 step 5d says "Start debugging". If this is your first time trying remote debugging you might be wondering "How?"
There are many ways you might try doing this that will not work (press "Debug" in WSDD for example....)

The answer is a specific order of steps:
Start the application on the 9500 by opening the .j9 file from the File Manager.
It will prompt you to choose a connection. Choose "Debug" (or whatever you named your IP passthrough mode connection from section 5.9.2.).
Now your application goes into a suspended state (guessing) until you start the debugger.
Press "Debug" in WSDD.