I haven't had much luck getting the Series 60 MIDP emulator to work on
my Win98 system (see other posting) so I'm attempting to use the
Series 60 emulator which comes with the Symbian Series 60 C++
Development toolkit.

As I understand it, this can be done by using the Symbian .aif
packaging tool to build a .aif file from a .jar file and a few other
bits and pieces, and placing that file in the
/SYSTEM/app/myApplicationName directory in the emulator. This works,
to the extent that an icon with the right name shows up in the
emulator and I can attempt to launch it, but all I get is an
uninformative "System Error". This is an app which works perfectly
well using Sun's KToolBar development environment.

Could anyone who's experienced in deploying java apps inside this
version of the emulator explain how they do it?

One thing I found odd in the .aif deployment instructions was that
they insisted that one of the jva classes I deployed must have a
main() method. This is *not* a requirement when using the Sun toolkit
- you just need to have a class which is a subclass of Midlet and
you're fine.

thanks for any enlightenment,