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    get own phone number


    is there a way to get my own phone number, or even better, to read the contents of the phone's SIM card in Series 60?
    i guess this is rather basic but i didn't find a solution when i was searching..

    thanks in advance!

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    The phone does not know its number. It is not stored anywhere on the phone.

    Only the network does, when it maps the SIM card serial number, the IMSI - International Mobile Station Identifier - to the actual number on network servers before it connects a call or delivers an SMS.

    For voice calls the number can be blocked, too, but then it is again servers on the network that act upon that (not the phone itself).

    Some operators might store the number on the SIM, but it is pretty pointless so most don't.

    Also, the SIM Application ToolKit (SATK) APIs are not documented/published for general use.

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