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    Close HTTp Connection in N6230i

    How to close J2ME HTTP Connection on Nokia 6230i. I use this line to open HTTP Connection :
    c = (HttpConnection) Connector.open (url2open.trim());
    the connection successfuly opened, (marked with "G symbol in the box" in top left of the screen, meaning the GPRS connection is open)
    But when I try to close the connection using: c.close(),
    the G in the box symbol is still exist (connection still open)....
    I have tried to close all Stream before close the connection.... it can be closed with no exception, but the G symbol still exist...

    What's wrong in the connection?

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    Nothing, there isn’t anything wrong with the connection, the G will usually hover about for around 30 seconds.

    I actually find it more handy not to close the connection and leave it open (well I actually close it right before a read). Since GPRS is (or should be) charge by the amount transferred not by time this is not a problem.

    A big slice of time is used actually creating and opening the initial connection so keeping it live is not a bad idea.

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