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    bluetooth:RBTSecuritySettings is not linking with btmanclient.h

    hi all

    i am facing a very very strange and stupid problem.

    i am making a blue tooth applcation with sdk 2.0.

    i am using RBTSecuritySettings to set security attribute along

    with RBTMan.

    but in my hearder file RBTSecuritySettings is giving this error

    syntax error : missing ';' before identifier iSecSession
    \SYMBIAN\8.0A\S60_2ND_FP2\SERIES60EX\BLUETOOTHTEST1\GROUP\bluetoothserver.h(59) : error C2501: RBTSecuritySettings : missing storage-class or type specifiers

    i checked the header btmanclient.h i does not has RBTSecuritySettings but has RBTSecuritySettingsB. i replace RBTSecuritySettings with RBTSecuritySettingsB but makes no effect it really strange and frustrating.

    any suggestion is welcome.

    thanks in advance

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    Re: bluetooth:RBTSecuritySettings is not linking with btmanclient.h

    Hi, If you used 2nd fp2,please do these step for compile:
    1. find '#ifdef __BC70s__' in btmanclient.h, and comment it.
    2. in 2nd fp2,TBTServiceSecurity change to TBTServiceSecurityB, and RBTSecuritySettings change to RBTSecuritySettingsB, please modify your code.

    good luck~
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    Re: bluetooth:RBTSecuritySettings is not linking with btmanclient.h

    Basically you could check the BT examples from 2.0/2.1 SDKs, and copy the changed code from there, there was quite mig change between the 2nd ed FP1 & 2nd ed FP2 bluetooth handling.

    Also I suppose you could make the code for 2nd Ed FP1 and compile it with that SDK, I'm rather sure the code would still Run on 2nd ED FP2 & FP 3 devices, though if you compile it with 2nd ed FP2 SDK, i'm rather sure it will not work correctly on all pre 2nd ed FP2 devices.

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