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    Using a 9500 on a wireless network neightbourhood

    is it possible to go into the phones memory or folders over a wireless network, like you would any other device in my network places.
    As this phone has wireless lan it should work in theory, anyone know more?
    i have been trying with a 9500, after i connect it to my wireless router i go to network neighbourhood on my pc i cant seem to locate it. im hoping to be able to use the phone as a storage for bluetooth files sent to it, then pick it up via another pc wirelessly on a network

    so a bluetooth file will be picked up by the phone, stored on in a folder, then located by my pc on the network and dragged off. Is that even possible? are you able to specify where bluetooth files end up on the phone?

    thanks for your help

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    If you go to "Network Neighbourhood" on a Windows PC, the systems Windows sees runs an SMB/CIFS file server (either Microsoft's, SAMBA or something else). Your phone has no such Windows compatible file server to connect to.

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