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Thread: OTA settings

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    OTA settings

    Hi, I have an interesting question - well, it is to me anyway!

    The Smart Messaging Spec contains info on how to provision settings for internet access etc, but uses a completely different method to the latest OTA Settings spec. I'm a bit confused as to exactly which should be used, if you wanted to create a new class of settings (ie. not one that's already defined in either spec?

    Is it true to say that WBXML over WDP would be the preferred method, with a new MIME type and predefined WDP port? Additionally, are all future handsets likely to support this?

    Many thanks for any info!


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    RE: OTA settings

    It is true that WBXML type of configuration messages over WDP are
    slowly replacing the smart message type of messages.
    Smart message type of messages according to smart messaging
    specification are supported in 9110i, 9210 and 7650.
    IAP + ext, Mail + ext, login script, SMS and Tel are supported in
    all phones except 9210, which does not support ext mail, SMS and tel.
    WBXML type of OTA configuration messages are supported in 3330 W,
    6210 W, 7110 W, 7160 W, 7190 W, 8310 GW, 6310 GW, 9110i W, 9210 W
    and 7650 GWMS.
    G = GPRS
    W = WAP
    M = MMS
    S = SyncML
    Smart Messiging specification gets quite slowly updated. I don't know
    how well you could get something new into the OTA specifications.
    Smart messages are mainly for Nokia phones, wap is for Ericsson and
    Nokia. I guess it also would depend on the new class you would like
    to have.
    I don't know anything sure about the future.
    M, Forum Nokia

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