JUNE 28, 2005: J2X TECHNOLOGIES, the technology leader in multiplayer mobile gaming, announced today support for the development of Mobile-To-Web gaming via the J2Play Community-Building Toolkit.

The J2Play Community-Building Toolkit puts J2ME and applet developers in the multiplayer games market, allowing them to quickly and easily add network-aware features. Together with the Toolkit and a staging server for web-hosted Java applets ( http://test.j-pod.com/ ), J2X now offers a full solution for the development of Web-To-Mobile games. Developers can upload their in-development applet to the staging server and test it in a browser while playing against a MIDlet running on a J2ME-enabled handset.

Web vs. Mobile play is a highly desirable feature and adds a lot of value to mobile multiplayer games because it creates a built-in population of live opponents for mobile users. The J2Play Community-Building Toolkit is the first available technology of its kind, freely downloadable from the J2Play Developer's Website.

Shandy Brown, Lead of the J2X Developer Program commented: "There are a lot of people talking about the importance of Mobile-To-Web, but J2Play is the only platform to currently deliver a working, tested solution. With the new staging server, developers don't have to worry about server configuration and can concentrate more on game behaviour."

The J2Play Community-Building Toolkit is currently available from the J2Play Developer's Website, http://www.j2x.ca/developer .

About J2X Technologies Inc.

Located in Waterloo, Ontario Canada, J2X is a network-centric J2ME application development company with more than 20 products for mobile devices using the wireless network. J2X's J2Play platform uses next generation multiplayer and community gaming features to create exciting, fun and interactive gaming experiences for Web and mobile gamers. J2X also makes business productivity applications such as Apollo Mobile Mail, ExpenseLog, MileageTracker and mobile customer relationship management solutions. For more, please visit www.j2x.ca.