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    Dynamically creating CAknPopupFieldText control

    Hi All,

    I searched the archives but could not find a suitable way to dynamically generate a CAknPopupFieldText control. I need to use this control in such a way that depending on the number of settings available in a configuration file, the user should be able to select and apply one of them.

    The Series 60 documentation on Avkon forms suggests the usage of CreateLineByTypeL in the PreInitDynLayoutL function of your CAknForm-derived class. This works with CEikEdwin and a couple of other similar simple resources.

    What can be done to load the CAknPopupFieldText in a similar manner? Is there any specific way the resource has to be defined in the .rss file?

    An additional thing: there's always at least one entry in the configuration file, which will be selected as the default.

    (I know we can't really believe in code comments, but for the record, the header file aknpopupfieldtext.h has a comment stating "This control can be constructed directly from resource." So I assume a dynamic creation is possible.)

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