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    Question Landscape support


    I have implemented landscape support in my application and it worked just fine with the S60 FP3 BETA SDK. However, when I tried it under the final S60 FP3 SDK, the app crashes in the call to CQuickWordAppUi::HandleResourceChangeL().

    Has anyone else seen this? All I do to change the orientation is call SetOrientationL(EAppUiOrientationLandscape) which in turn calls the HandleResourceChangeL() and then after that I draw my control in the new client rectangle. ANd as I mentioned, it works just fine in the BETA SDK.


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    Question Re: Landscape support

    Hi grao,
    I need to add Lnadscape support to my application. There is two API given in the Final FP3 SDK help:

    TAppUiOrientation CEikAppUi::Orientation() const;
    void CEikAppUi::SetOrientationL(TAppUiOrientation aOrientation);

    No examples have been given in the SDK help which uses these API.

    I have also not able to find CQuickWordAppUi::HandleResourceChangeL() & HandleResourceChangeL() Api and thier implimentaion as you mentioned in your post.

    I am unable to find the implimentation of these API. Could you plz help me out in this regard.

    Thanks in advance

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