Ok, can anyone explain this:

From a clean series60 handset (6630 and 7610 tested so far), I send an OTA provisioning message that contains 1 access point settings set, 1 browser application settings set and 1 IM client application settings set and save them to the handset when the message arrives. Then if I navigate to the settings -> Connection -> Access points menu I have 3 copies of the same access point settings in there, named as follows:

sids settings
sids settings(01)
sids settings(02)

All identical bar the actual settings name. Does anyone know why there are 3 settings sets there now? It seems to be variable based on the number of application configurations that I include in the provisioning message - 1 for the APN settings I send, and then 1 for every subsequent application block that references them. Ultimately, I'm going to be provisioning 4 applications within the one message and want to use a single set of APN settings. It seems a little superfluous to have 5 copies of the same settings set within the handset, which is what I'm going to get by the looks of things. Have I somehow misinterpeted the OMA Client Provisioning spec, or is this a bug or a feature of series60? I'm sure the spec didn't imply this behaviour though I may have misinterpreted it...