The following are the requirements that I need to implement. It is a prototype so we are looking at getting it to work only on nokia 6 series phones and not looking into portability.

There are 3 apps in the PC.

One of them send info ( a number) to the phone every minute.
The second app on PC sends a number to the phone everytime a button is clicked
The third app accepts commands from the cell phone and also send info to phone

IN the nokia phone, on the front display screen the number that is got from the first app every minute should be displayed and a quick way to shortcut from the front screen to a quick plot of the numbers received. The number should also be displayed on the screensaver.

Based on the requirements above pls lemme know if my understanding is correct.

1. for communication between the 3 apps (slaves) and the phone ( master) is bluetooth better or serial port comm. using the comm api is better?
2. display on the front screen can be done using only c++ and symbian and not j2me.
3. I do not know how to create a shortcut to the graph.
4. for the graphs and other screens on the phone should i use j2me? we want the UI to be really good.

can the above be done using symbian and c++ ?
please help.

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