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during reinstallation of an application, if the applicatioin is running in background, we get a window asking "close all applications?".. What exactly does it try to do? does it try to kill Task, process or what?

I have a problem on 6680, when i reinstall my app which has an embedded sis that runs in background as an app, when i try to reinstall, it gives me this window "close all applications?", when i press yes.. the installer crashes, and 6680 dosnt show the panic as usual...

I have a .exe "shutdown.exe" which closes the app, this works on all devices except 6680, is this specific to 6680 or am i not doing the right way..
6680 dosnt even reach a point where it can execute the .exe, it crashes before executing it...

Here is how I am doing it in .Pkg file.

"shutdown.exe" -"!:\system\apps\MainApp\shutdown.exe",FR,RB,RW
@"embedded.sis", (0x10211234)

u can replace RB with following
RR -> run when app is removing
RI ->ruin during installation
RB ->Run both time

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