I've been tearing my hair out over this one - I have a sound mixer for my game that is based off the Sound Mixer example downloadable from Forum Nokia.

The mixer uses CMdaAudioOutputStream to output the streaming sound. That works fine.

The app appropriately stops/starts the stream when a HandleForegroundEventL event happens. I have verified this by switching applications using the task switcher, etc. The sound output pauses and resumes perfectly, as expected.

The problem comes when a call is received. The following happens:

1. App is running, sound works fine.
2. Incoming call notification is received. App is put into background, and my sound mixer/output stream is stopped.
3. Press "Answer" to answer the call.
3. App is put back into the foreground, so it re-starts the audio mixer.
4. App and/or entire phone crashes. A panic "CMdaAudioOutputStream 6" is briefly visible before everything completely goes belly up.

This is really the only thing left before I feel confident to submit to a testing house to receive Symbian Signed certification, and I am completely lost as to what to do to fix this.

Any ideas/pointers would be greatly appreciated.