we are writing a museumguide app, that will recognize objects with a mobile phone's camera.
We are working with Nokia's 6630.
After sucessfull recognition, the midlet will give the id of the recognized object to a canvas, that will play a presentation, as defind in scene.txt.
Presentations can contain of sound, video and pictures.

a sample scene.txt
0 igel1.bmp igel2.bmp 
1 ( Feldhamster1.bmp Feldhamster1.wav ) ( Feldhamster2.bmp Feldhamster2.wav ) ( Feldhamster3.bmp Feldhamster3.wav ) benni.3gp 
2 ( Hausratte1.bmp Hausratte1.wav ) ( Hausratte2.bmp Hausratte2.wav ) steven.3gp 
3 Feldmaus1.bmp Feldmaus2.bmp manuel.3gp
It works perfect, as long I will not play more then 2 or 3 videos. In this case, Symbian tells me, there isn't enough memory, or no more video or sound will be played, or the complete app will freeze.

I wan't to ask you to check my code, if it is ok. Or can it be an garbadge collector issue?

The code is here:http://www.uni-weimar.de/~meyer4/code.zip, it is too long for posting it here.

Thank you, Manuel