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    AMR file playback issues on 6600

    We have discovered that some AMR files will be truncated in playback on the Nokia 6600. No change in process to create them, they just don't play all the way (short 11 to 20 second files).

    The same files will work fine on a 6620.

    Repeat: Same Unix batch being used to create ALL the AMR files.

    Any clues?

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    I had the same problem. I managed it with using Nokia UI API for playing this AMR files, and it seems that on Nokia API this AMR files aren't truncated. Instead of using classical MMAPI Player, use this:

    com.nokia.mid.sound.Sound sound = new com.nokia.mid.sound.Sound(yourAMRFile, com.nokia.mid.sound.Sound.FORMAT_WAV);
    Marcin Zduniak / http://www.j2me.pl

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