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    Playing media using APN and proxy defined by the app

    I have a problem with playing media streams using CMediaPlayerUtility class..

    I'm using OpenUrlL() function to open a media stream and it works basically great, but...

    My problem is that i can only define used APN for streaming connection, but I cannot specify the used proxy settings through the OpenUrlL() function. If there is proxy set in the Real Player's configuration, it will be used even if i would not like to use a proxy at all. Or if I would like use a different proxy than set in the Real Player's settings, i cannot do it..

    My question is that is there any way to control used proxy address and port for streaming connection when the CMediaPlayerUtility class is used for playing the media?

    Or is there any other way to bypass Real Player's proxy settings?

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    I am really not sure, but I think, that such proxy settings must be set in the commdb database when you create access point. On UIQ it should be done in built-in GUI, but on Sereies 60 you had to programm it probably...


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    The proxy in defined in commdb is an HTTP proxy and it is not the same thing as the streaming proxy specified in Real Player's settings.

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