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    Multimedia DevVideo

    I am using the Multimedia DevVideo APIs, for capturing from the camera and encode into H263 Format...
    In MMF_DEVVIDEO the CMMFDevVideoRecord is the main client class for recording, which expose the API to Set the options to be used such as DataSource, Buffer options, Select the Encoder, Select the PreProcessor etc., which then can be initiliazed and recording can be started...
    I try to use the API GetEncoderListL() and GetPreProcessorListL(), to get the list of encoders and Preprocessors respectively, but both returns 0.

    I am also trying to set the Camera as data source using the SetSourceCameraL() API passing the CameraHandle to it, but it crash even when i call it in TRAPD.
    Similarly the SetBufferOptionL() also crash
    Since i am unable to get any UID for encoder i couldn't select the encoder and cannot set Buffer options and dataSource, the Initialize API may be crashing bcoz of this.

    I am using DevVideo Library patch for Series 60 SDK 2nd Edition Feature Pack 2.
    And my test result is on Nokia 6630 device.

    So anything wrong i am doing here or missing anything...

    Any HELP on this is greatly appreciated.

    Openera Technologies. (Fromely IndTelesoft)

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    I've the same problem as you say.and when I use initalize() it must out of the program. have any one know what should be written before the initalize() function......

    thanks a lot~~

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    Video Streaming In Mobiles


    I Just stared my research in Mutilmedia streaming in wireless networks .

    can you please let me know from where i should need to start . what basics i need to learn .

    And Please tell me from where i have to start to build an application that is useful for the streaming



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