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    why no such as "EKERN.LIB"??

    why when i bulid a ARMI eg.abld build thumb urel, display error,but i abld build wins udeb is ok !

    error like this:
    make: *** No rule to make target `..\..\..\..\EPOC32\RELEASE\ARMI\UREL\EKERN.LIB', needed by `..\..\..\..\EPOC32\RELEASE\ARMI\UREL\BASICTIMER.EXE'. Stop.
    ERROR: RCMake failed: (Make): make command exited with result 2

    I check my folder
    this folder dosen't have this file ,only \EPOC32\RELEASE\wins\ubed has this file ,so i don't build this porject !

    please help me ! thank you !

    who can give me the file named "EKERN.LIB " in
    folders ,

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    You should not need ekern.lib in any user-mode program. And for kernel-mode programs you need a specialized non-public SDK in any case. Thus the chances are:

    1) You have a program that cannot be compiled on the SDK you have.
    2) You have the wrong dependencies in your program (check your MMP).


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    why in emulator is ok ? not bulid porject in device ?

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