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    Need help understanding Nokia capabilities / serial io

    I am just starting to look into building a product containing a Nokia phone, and am confused about some of its capabilities. Could someone comment on one or more of the following issues (or tell me who to contact or where to go for answers)? Thanks in advance.

    1. Our application needs to be able to do the following (Do the Nokia phones support this kind of functionality?):
    * app needs to be active at all times to monitor serial i/o.
    * app detects DTMF tones pressed by the incoming caller.
    * sends button presses (DTMF tones) to the caller.
    * can terminate a call
    * initiates calls
    * detects if the caller hung up
    * reads the cell phone's time
    2. I have heard that there is a RS232 data port integrated into the battery charging connector on the cell phone. Is this true and is the port supported in the standard SDKs?
    3. Is communication with external devices (an embedded system in my case) generally done with the IR port instead?
    4. Are there any I/O pins available that we can turn on/off via software?
    5. I notice there is good support for Java. Is there much support for C++? If so where can I get those SDKs.

    Information on any of these issues would be appreciated.

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    I too am wondering about I/O pins controllable through software. Did you find an answer to this?

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