Time comes in for porting from series 40 to series 60.....just to say its hell !!!

I was using MIDP 2.0 Game package api's such as TiledLayer and Sprite classes for my series 40 version of a platformer. The game worked fine on 6230 giving me about 25-30 fps.

However issues erupted while porting onto series 60 especially 6600. The fps dropped to about 3-4 on 6600. As optimization took place, I found myself creating my own TiledLayer class using a giant single int[] to store values of the tiles for the platform/background. The other issue was using Sprite.setTransform() that paused the game for the entire second before transforming. So I overwrote that with my own implementation. Now the fps has gone up by 6-7 but hell the game is still jerky. Is MIDP 2 implementation even optimized for series 60 phones????

Any tips/tricks/suggestions? Any document, anything at all? Should i try porting the midp 1.0 way? Please Help!