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    my requirements... (help a beginner)

    i want to develop a j2me application (midlet), in which there are
    3 forms to display.
    i want to develop it in a Object Oriented manner.
    I have created all the forms in a separate class, but the problem
    i am facing is in Command Handling.

    plz tell me,

    Should i have to implement CommandListener in each of the Form Class ?
    Should i have to implement it in a single class which is extending the MIDlet Class. ?

    Plz help me


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    It's up to you. Both ways will work.

    Each class can implement commandListeners, though from my experience, it makes it more difficult to switch between classes that way. Personally, I prefer to have no more than 2 classes with CommandListeners.

    If your commands are all similar (ie. each page has a "select" and "exit" command), then you might want to consider implementing only 1 command listener in one of the classes to reduce code size and redundancy.

    If you have references to all 3 forms from your midlet, I'd suggest having only 1 class as a commandListener, unless you have highly specific and special functions for each form that you need to implement it the other way.


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