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Thread: Python submenus

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    Python submenus

    Hi, i have a little problem with submenu and py2sis. I've read that:

    Notice though that "py2sis" generated SIS files will not be able to use sub-menus yet - this results in "CONE 14" panic. There is a workaround though: "unsis" the release package and move the "python.rsc" to folder "templates" (under "py2sis") and rename "python.rsc" to "pyrsc_template.tmp".

    So the problem is that, i dont understand this: "unsis" the release package and move the "python.rsc" bla bla bla......! What exaclty mean? my release package!? what?! there is no python.rsc file inside that package. Be more clear please!

    Thanks in advance. Hoping u will help me!

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    python.rsc can be found here:

    Remove old 'pyrsc_template.tmp' from:

    Copy 'python.rsc' to this directory and rename it to:
    (it now actually replaces the old 'pyrsc_template.tmp')

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