I would like to ask specially Nokia Support Team about one important Issue - CERTIFICATION OF THE MIDLET. I would like to certify a Series 80 Midlet which in larger part dowloads data from server here are the questions concerning the certification:
1. The application allows to comunicate using HTTPS and HTTP (if the user allows such option in the application), so if this could be a problem ??
2. In communicator I get always a question about the certificate during connection using HTTPS - will certification erase that thing?? its rather anoying
3. After certification when i instal the midlet will communicator still inform me that i have untrusted app?? I mean certification by NOKIA
4. Can I certificate the app for polish english and german lokalized version - each language another midlet version - to decrease the size of the app.

Please write anything about certification proces becouse the sun page is really weak.