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    mapping of AVKON Resource enumation -> class name -> resource name


    i'm searching for a list which maps the resource struct names with their corresponding type enumerations and classes. There is such a list for UIKON controls (search in the documentation of the SDK for "TEikStockControls" to get an idea what i mean... there are just about 5 matches)

    but i need this for the AVKON framework.

    the reason is following:

    if i have a dialog with a label defined from a resource such like this

    RESOURCE DIALOG r_dialog_with_label
    flags = EAknDialogSelectionList ;

    items =
    type = EEikCtLabel;
    id = EMyControl01;
    control = LABEL
    { txt = "Hallo"};

    When i want to customize the label through runtime i need the following code
    inside a CAknDialog derived class

    CEikLabel *myLabel = (CEikLabel*) Control(EMyControl01);
    // perform something

    in summarize i need to know three things

    1. the enueration of the control (EEikCtLabel)
    2. the resource name (LABEL)
    3. the class (CEikLabel)

    but where i can i find such informations???
    Is there any book?? is there any other approach to perform something???

    I really searched a lot and found many documents from Nokia (Series_60_DP_Avkon_Ui_Resources_...) but they don't cover everything
    (or i was unable to find it)
    just for example the

    EAknCtQuery enumeration is assigned to the AVKON_CONFIRMATION_QUERY resource... but what is the corresponding c++ class???

    Please give me a hint... i really don't know where else i could search

    thanks in advance

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    Re: mapping of AVKON Resource enumation -> class name -> resource name

    I am also searching for this kind of documentation; something to explain the barren lists of identifiers found in the SDK.

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