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    J2ME Security : MIDP HTTPS vs Browser HTTPS

    I'm planning to use HTTPS connection using Nokia 6600(Midp 2.0).

    As we all know browser encrypts data in typical web based https connection using session key (symmetric). Initially Browser uses Asymmetric encryption to exchange the session key.

    In MIDP HTTPS connection, I would like to know whether device encrypts the data or not.

    What is the difference between browser based HTTPS connection and MIDP based HTTPS Connection?

    I also want to know whether device verifies the server's certificate.

    Is session key is generated by server or device?

    Do I need to do any additional encryption using SATSA or HTTPS data encryption is sufficient?

    Please let me know which certificate authority's root certificate is supported by Nokia 6600?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: J2ME Security : MIDP HTTPS vs Browser HTTPS

    You can check the root certificates on phone under
    "Settings" --> "Security" --> "Certif. management section"

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