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    MMAPI & Nokia 6230i firmware

    Hi all,

    we tried to use the camera on a Nokia 6230i. As expected from the many threads in this forum it didn't work (capture::\\video not supported). The Nokia 6230i has firmware 3.30 - discovered there is also firmware 3.40.

    1. Is camera usage on 6230 and 6230i not working by specification of Nokia or is it supposed to be working (and should Nokia therefore resolve the problem by providing an update of the firmware to fix the bug ?). I mean does Nokia consider this a bug or consider this as a missing feature ?

    2. Would the problem be fixed if get new firmware installed (version 3.40) ?

    You can find out your firmware version by typing *#0000#.

    Kind regards,

    Rene Heuven
    E-mail: rene@pcamobile.com

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    missing feature

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