Hi there,

I hope somebody can help...

Basically I am investigating the Series 40 platform to be used with a Nokia 5140 phone. I have been unable to find any resources related to the memory management of the phone.

Basically I would like to find out how the flash memory is shared, or at least is it shared between items such as the RMS, and photo's.

This is the information I would like to find out:

1) Is the RMS memory (flash), shared with other elements of the phone. i.e. If I were to take a number of photo's could I run out of RMS memory space.

2) Is there any aditional RMS overhead for a RMS record. i.e. Is it possible to calculate how many records I could store on the phone if I have the record length?

Lastly is there any online resource which I could look at to find this information. and could anyone point me in the right direction.