I am a new to Symbian/C++ and am modifying a Nokia forum's application to suit my requirements i.e.

i need to list out SMS messages in a list box when the application is launched. What the sample application by Nokia does is that it shows a menu when the application is laucnhed and there is a default view/window which is linked to the menu.

When a menu is clicked/selected, a method is called which is listing out the SMSes in the list box. I tried to modify the prgram by chaning the default view to the list box and then calling the function inside the APPUI file to list the SMSes in the list box. It is not working.

Can you pls help me to resolve this? i.e. currently, there is top level window into which a list box shown. When application is lunched, menu is shown. When menu is clicked, list box is populated and it is shown in the main window. How to show the window with the list box populated when the application is launched?

Thanks for the help in advance.