I have found out that lots of developers are having problems with network
connections. So far no-one has given a definite solution. There have only
been some suggestions for possible workarounds

Unfortunately they work on some phones and don't work on the others.
So I'm asking every good soul, especially among NOKIA EXPERTS reading this
group to address this issue once and for all.

I have created an application which exchanges data with an Internet server.
The connection is initiated like this:

1 server = (SocketConnection) Connector.open("socket://" + url + ":" + port);
2 serverInputStream = server.openInputStream();
3 reader = new StreamReader(serverInputStream);
4 response=Integer.parseInt(reader.readLine().substring(0,15));
... (the rest of the network code)

Both on the real Nokia 9500 Communicator
and in the Nokia S80_DP2_0_MIDP_SDK emulator
the program hangs right after the 4th line.

But it works perfectly well on the reference J2ME implementation, that is
the Sun's Wireless Toolkit 2.2 Qwerty device emulator. It also runs on Siemens
phones. So the question is ... what's wrong with the 9500 Communicator and how
to solve this problem?

Please help.