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    Question Nokia 6670 As A Webcam

    Hi there,
    Does anyone know if i can use this phone as a webcam through my pc and if so where i can get the software regarding this?


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    Re: Nokia 6670 As A Webcam


    I am currently working on this one. Using the example CameraMidlet from Nokia & BlueCove Bluetooth I can get now low resolution (200x150) png Images on my Laptop(good enough for a webcam I think) wireless via bluetooth.

    I will make the source avaliable on sourceforge, cause the phone app should work on all java enabled(midp20.) phones,


    Dennis Rutjes

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    Post Re: Nokia 6670 As A Webcam

    I got this information but havent tried it yet, so try it if u want to and please give me feedback when done!
    I will try it as soon as i get the time!

    And this is wat u need to do
    1st install application namely remote s 60 tis application is available on www.dotsis.com/vb
    the application comes in a 2 pac version 1 to b installed on ur pc n da other on ur fone
    once its installed ull need to connect it to ur fone preferably via bluetooth
    now u should b able to c ur fones screen on ur pc if connected
    once tis is accomplished
    ull need to install a 3rd party addon namely softcam available on www.luminositi.com
    once softcam is installed u ll need to select da live version
    once tat is done u should c a small light brown window
    drag da window n place it over remote s 60 screen on da pc
    tat should do it now remember if u wanna use ur fone as a webcam with any service u hav to select softcam
    n now softcam will b your webcam
    works well with latest yahoo messenger via bluetooth

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