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    Full Screen GPRS Connection Icon


    re: Nokia Series 60

    I've written a J2ME midlet which runs in full screen using the GameCanvas. During network connections, it displays a "green phone" or a square block "G" in grey.

    Is it possible to avoid these icons, as they interfere with the graphics.

    Furthermore, is it possible to run the Midlet in full screen with a thinner header than the current "non full" screen header which frankly takes up way too much space.


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    Re: Full Screen GPRS Connection Icon

    The "G" thing is a way to say to the user that the application is transfering data over the air. I didn't find a way to hide it and didn't find anything on this forum.

    Sometimes, the "G" disappear while my application is still transfering data but I found no explication about that.

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